Happy Diwali

Nov 8, 2007

Well my diwali was not as bad as i expected. Although I was alone most part of the day. As i mentioned earlier couldn't go home and all friends went apart from a few, and to add up to it those here had offices today. Well its bad for them but for me too.

So alone... but it helped me. Sitting in my room away from everything made me introspect, retrospect and many other spects ;) It was then that i thought about things which we never think about. The significance of friends and family, significance of festivals. What are festivals? What is their purpose? Do the origins of these festivals really matter today? What makes as happy during this periods? Why is it time to celebrate? Why its not fun celebrating alone? and so on...

Thought a lot... But who cares about that?
You would be probably bored reading this already. Its fresh in my mind but i too will soon forget. But what will remain will be the conclusions and the learnings from them.

Anyways Enough gibberish for today
Just Enjoy the festival

After all this Diwali and the thought process brought me memories, Sweet and Lovely memories. They were enough to make me happy this time.

Happy Diwali


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