Gun Powder

Aug 21, 2008

When I try to sleep
I wish I rather weep.
Wash away with tears,
My sorrows and fears.

Once the heart of Gold
is now so cold.
What glowed like fire.
smells like burnt tire.

With the passing tide
Am I more dead inside?
Is this it?
No, Somewhere in the ashes
Something is lit.

Only the fuse has burnt...
and left is the Gun Powder.


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Yogesh said...

Acha rhyme rhyme khel rahe ho, yasser miyan ka aasar hai kya...

but i couldnt much comprehend the ending of the gunpower...

good job.

chewingum said...
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jackace said...

matlab hai, raat abhi jawan hai ladka abhi aur jagega :P

Nagendra Bharathi said...

very good.
Please have a look at my blog at whenever you find time.