Happy Graduation Day

May 25, 2008

Some of you may have remembered and some forgotten.
That today is the fated day when we all graduated out of IITG. It's been one year guys.

Happy Graduation Day, The first anniversary.

So its time to enjoy :) or is it?

Today is the time when you can stand and look back at the year past and think
"kya khoya kya paya maine"

It's hard to believe it's been that long.

Time flies, I guess specially when you are in the real world, the challenges and learning, the life long process goes even faster when you are out of college and facing the real life. So much so that its here and you don't know, and you're amazed you wonder and think about the sweet memories of friends which were your family.

Many things have changed.

Some got promoted,
Some got new jobs,
Some starting ventures,
Some got married,
Some are getting married,
Some are happy and content,
Some are sad and frustrated,
Some climbing the stairs,
Some taking a slide down,
Some winning the game called life,
Some trying to win it,

Although its just one year,
But its a milestone,
And you will reach many milestones in this journey called life.
But always take out some time
-to say
-to wish
-to congratulate
-to share a loving shoulder
with the friends you made and will treasure your whole life.

Remember you are not alone. Friends are always there.
To all my dear friends - I wish to say that - "I Love You" :) . My life would be hell without you.

You may be physically with me or not. But I wish our paths get crossed many times even if we cant be together. I wish to write too much but you would probably thinking "aur kitna lamba hai". So will conclude.

I will conclude with saying that on all fronts, things are going not to well but not too bad too. And the anniversary of my graduation seems like a good moment to stop, and Thank God for everything.


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